Our FUE Process

The front hairline is determined and pictures are taken.

  1. The patient, whose pictures are taken after shortening the hair, is taken to a special room reserved for this operation. The patient, who puts on the surgery gown, is taken to the operating room.
  2. Pre-medication is performed. The drugs that will prevent possible infections, pain and edema are given oral or with serum.
  3. The tissue removal procedure that will take approximately 3 hours starts.
  4. After tissue removal, the patient is taken to the room and the patient rests in the room for 15 minutes.
  5. Then the patient is taken back to the operating room and the opening channel, graft implantation procedures start. At the end of these procedures that approximately take 3 or 4 hours, the patient is sent home/hotel after explaining the prescription.
  6. After one day, the hair of the patient who comes to the hospital is washed.

In the following period, the patient should wait patiently for the hair to grow.