Arranging Tours

When you are thinking of hospital selection, treatment expenses, papers and hotels, your mind can become confused. Here are a few recommendations that will be useful to you.

  • Clearly Mention Your Diagnostic and Treatment Needs

The best you know the treatment you need, the easiest will be for you to choose a doctor. When choosing the doctor, it’s better to stay in touch with the doctor in your country. If possible, ask for a recommendation letter from the doctor you’re seeing with. If you have some questions regarding the doctor, seek for a second or third alternative.

Chek Up On Your Doctor

Choosing your doctor is a very important issue. If you cannot decide between a few names, then consult with your own doctor or the travel agency consultant. Only when sure, you can move on.

  • Mention A Travel Companion

A lot of people advise you not to bring with you a close friend or relative when travelling for health. Our advice is to find a travel companion that will help you throughout.

  • Choose Well Your Travel Agency

Even the most brave and adventorous travellers give importance to information and experience. That’s why check on your travel agency before making a down payment.

  • Make A To-Do List

You can become confused with payments, appointments, recommendations, flight and hotel alternatives. Make a to-do list and don’t forget to take it with you.

  • Don’t Have Communication Problems

Establishing a medical communication is one of the most important part of your medical travel. The most hospitals in Turkey have English speaking staff. You won’t have any problems of communication.

  • When Making A Plan, Leave Place For Surprises

Don’t make your plans with the discipline of a soldier. You won’t miss your consultations, but do not follow your plan entirely. Some exaggerated worries in your plan can go off the deep end. It will be useful if you could arrange a five-day resting period after getting your treatment.

  • inform Your Bank About Travelling

Inform your bank about your medical travel before your going. Inform the bank about where you go and the time period. It is better to inform your bank in advance, if you intend to pay for your treatment by credit card. Do not forget to chek your credit card limit.

  • Get İnformed About The Place You’re Going To

When you decide to travel to Turkey or to another country, get informed about the history and geography of that country. You can benefit from travel guides. Take a look at that country local papers too.

  • Let Know Your Doctor About Your Travel Before Going

Be in touch all the time with your family doctor. It’s better if your doctor learns about your treatment so he/she can protect your health when coming back home.

  • Do Not Forget To Control Your Visa Information

Control your visa date before travelling so you can prevent any troubles. After coming to Turkey, you can stay here as a tourist for 3 months. It’s no need to fill a form for a tourist visa. If you come by plane, you can take your visa from the Turkish airports. You can get more information about visa fees at http://www. mfa.gov.tr/visa-fees-at-border-gates-for-2008.en.mfa. You’ll see visa booth before passport control booths. You can take your visa from officials before going to passport control. Each traveller (including children) should have a visa. Do not forget that in Turkey you cannot work, get education or set up a business with a tourist visa. To get more information please visit http://www.mfa.gov.tr/sub.en.mfa?cc4e437c-6769-4d79-9017-10b63c651224

Treatment Procedure

If you prefer to get your medical services in Turkey, then your medical travel will be safe, comfortable and without problems. These services begin the moment you step your foot on Turkey until you come back home.

  • For Your Treatment

If you choose your doctor for the treatment, we recommend you to send by e-mail or by fax to the International Patient Center your medical investigations (x-ray, lab results, and so on). Thanks to these documents, the doctor who examines your medical history will inform you about the treatment possibilities and advise you to come to Turkey.

  • How Does The International Patient Center Have To Be?

The organization has to include all the periods of time since the patient leaves his home until he comes back home. The representative of international patients department;

  • Has to organize the consultations of the patient
  • Has to arrange for a place to stay
  • Has to do plane transfers
  • Has to provide coordination with insurance companies
  • Has to know enough foreign languages to establish a communication with the patient
  • Has to organize social and cultural activities besides the patient’s treatment